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Nicu Calcea

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Hey! I’m Nicu, a 24-years-old journalist from the Republic of Moldova currently studying in Denmark. I have 10 years of experience in media, including reporting, editing, multimedia and camera work. I love beer and hate fish. Don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

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Published works.

CitySpy: Wurst of Times for Prague Sausage Vendors

Original source: CitySpy Prague PRAGUE – Municipal officials have let the leases on their stalls expire, revoked their licences and imposed fines, but sausage vendors in the Czech capital’s historic centre refuse to go away. Stepping out into the bustling Wenceslas Square tourists hear the noise of the crowd, drink in the medieval architecture of […] Ce este „Kormușka” și ce se va întâmpla cu ea?

2 octombrie 2016. Ora 01:30 noaptea. În centrul capitalei se aud împușcături. Un bărbat în vârstă de 30 de ani este împușcat mortal cu propria sa armă. Patru persoane sunt reținute ulterior. Incidentul are loc la intersecția străzilor Pușkin și 31 august, în scuarul Liceului Teoretic Român-Francez „Gheorghe Asachi”. Un loc cunoscut și ca „Ghereta […]

RISE Moldova: Secret holding company of a minister

Original source: RISE Moldova Romanian: RISE Moldova Documents obtained by RISE from Italy, Cyprus and Romania reveal that Minister of Transport Iurie Chirinciuc controls Cavio, an Italian furniture holding company, via a close family associate. Another set of documents shows how people who represented Chirinciuc’s interests were appointed deputy ministers in his ministry. CAVIO HOLDING […]

TOL: The Hidden Assets of Moldova’s Gun Shop Bosses

Original source: Transitions Online Even though the directors of state-owned enterprises have a legal obligation to publish asset declarations, the administrators of gun shops avoided the law and have hidden their luxury villas, businesses and recent income from National Integrity Commission (NIC). The boss from Cartuș started completing his declaration just after we made some […]

w!zz: The Highwire Act

Original source: Wizz Air Inflight Magazine Tucked behind a main road in Chișinău, standing alone among a forest of of weed-covered paving slabs, is one of Easter Europe’s strangest buildings. The white buttress of the exterior rise from the ground like crooked teeth, while the domed roof resembles a medieval crown. The first clue as […]

VICE Romania: Cetăţenia română se ia cu sex şi bani în zece ani

Original source: VICE Ca să obţină cetăţenia română moldovenii trebuie să aştepte zece ani sau să stimuleze organele birocraţiei, cu bani şi sex. Poate n-o să-ți vină să crezi, dar în Republica Moldova există câteva milioane de oameni care vor să fie români. Nu, nu vor să fie români, vor să aibă cetățenie română. Moldovenii […]